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“Sign Up To Clean Up”

Please join in the FUN of cleaning out the Town House. Have you ever wondered what
is in the back rooms of the Town House? The Friends of the Town House need a team
of volunteers to clean out the Town House. Let’s work together! Get to know your
North Brookfield Neighbors, enjoy each other’s company and get the job done.

On Saturday, October 19th , from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM we need your help!
“Sign Up to Clean Up” today at the Haston Free Public Library, the Town Offices,
the Senior Center or fill out a form at Google Signup Form .

The building hasn’t been used in 17 years, so it is a dirty, musty Work Zone, you must sign a release form to help out and be prepared with proper attire. No young children, please.
Release Form can be found at this link.

Be a part of the next chapter of the Town House!
1. Clean it Out
2. Renovate the Building
3. Enjoy the building